Customs and Excise Electronic Returns

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Thu Sep 30 00:58:13 EDT 2004

Ben Laurie <ben at> writes:

>Oh yeah, another gem from the eVAT FAQ:
>"The Government Gateway and Digital Certificate authorities do not currently
>support the use of Digital Certificates on Apple Macintosh"
>Well, of course not, because everyone knows that Apple X.509 is completely
>different from Microsoft X.509. Duh.

I've seen this one before, this happens when the CA generates your private key
and emails it to you, a relatively common practice.  Since the Mac can't
import the PFX/PKCS #12 files used by MSIE/CryptoAPI, you can't use them on
the Macintosh.

(This was pre-OS X, I don't know what the status is now, it may still be
 something that requires MS CryptoAPI to work, or maybe the web page is just
 out of date).


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