"Approximate" hashes

Marcel Popescu Marcel_Popescu at microbilt.com
Wed Sep 1 14:52:40 EDT 2004

From: ""Hal Finney"" <hal at finney.org>

> As you are probably aware, existing hashcash implementations do not base
> the stamp on the message content.  Instead they only lock the stamp to
> the receiver's email address.  Then the receiver keeps a list of the
> hashcash stamps he has seen recently, to prevent reuse.  I'm not sure
> what you hope to gain by locking the stamp to the message content.

Me dumb, sorry. I was actually thinking of some other thing I wanted to do
about spam (which involved the whole content), and haven't re-read the
hashcash site in about a week.

You are perfectly right, of course. Windows spam victims, here I come! <g>


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