[off-topic, but not by ukcrypto standards] ukcrypto-moderated pre-moderators needed

Ben Laurie ben at algroup.co.uk
Sat Oct 30 12:40:00 EDT 2004

OK, since my previous attempt to create a lower volume 
ukcrypto-like-thing failed, I have concluded that the only way to handle 
the problem is to produce a moderated version of ukcrypto. I know for 
sure there's demand for this, but I also know that the volume is too 
high for traditional moderation methods (at least too high for _me_ to 
use traditional moderation).

So, I'm going to try doing this a different way. What I want is 
volunteers who will undertake to, when it is convenient, sift through 
the currently unsifted-through postings to ukcrypto and choose 
candidates for moderation (and rejection). This will be done via an IMAP 
server, so volunteers need to have an email client that is capable of 
handling shared IMAP folders without frying its brains. If potential 
volunteers are in doubt as to whether they qualify, get in touch and 
we'll figure it out.

To explain a little more clearly what is entailed... there will be a 
folder with a copy of all ukcrypto mail in it. Volunteers will examine 
this and, for each message, do one of three things:

a) Leave it where it is (when in doubt)

b) Move it to a "rejected" folder

c) Move it to a "premoderation" folder

I will then do final moderation on the contents of the premoderation 
folder (to be clear: I'll also do premoderation, just like everyone else).

The idea behind this is that the load will be spread over the 
volunteers, so each one will only have to deal with a fraction of the 
total volume, _and_ moderation will be done in a convenient and familiar 
fashion, with threading and all that good stuff.

I'm copying this to Perry's list because I'm sure there are people who 
might like to read the output of this process (and might, therefore, 
volunteer as premoderators), but are not on ukcrypto because of the 
volume. Please feel free to forward this to other lists/individuals that 
might be interested.

Pre-moderators, please apply directly to me.

Discussion/questions can go wherever you prefer.



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