Financial identity is *dangerous*? (was re: Fake companies, real money)

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Tue Oct 26 00:27:03 EDT 2004

dan at writes:

>No need to buy a company just to use its product in your development shop.

They're not "using it in their development shop", that's their standard
development environment that they ship to all Windows CE, Pocket PC,
SmartPhone, and XP Embedded developers (and include free with every copy of
MSDN).  If an entire branch of my OS development was centered around a
particular technology, I'd want to make sure I owned both the technology and
the developers who created it and will be maintaining/updating it in the
future.  This isn't an optional add-on that MS uses internally, it's a core
component of their embedded OS effort that they push out to anyone who'll take
it in an attempt to dissuade them from going with QNX, embedded Linux,
VxWorks, etc etc.


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