[OT] Encryption

Sidney Markowitz sidney at sidney.com
Sat Jan 3 02:54:49 EST 2004

> [Moderator's note: that's one -- but only one -- of the reasons I
> think Bob found the exchange so funny. --Perry]

Ah, I thought he was being honest but naive and couldn't understand how 
he could apply for "clearance" from the US for an import.

I looked at the rest of the thread in their mailing list archive and see 
where he has claimed to be able to crack any AES-128 encrypted document 
in 20 minutes and that he has references to the current scientific 
literature showing that such times are well known state of the art. He 
says he will demonstrate decrypting a document one of the list members 
sent him and post the literature references when he is back in his 
office during the week.

If I had read that first I would not have wondered about the US import 
restrictions :-)

  -- sidney

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