[Users] ANNOUNCE: Openswan 1.0.0 Released

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Fri Jan 2 20:42:27 EST 2004

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We are pleased to announce the 1st release of Openswan, a formal fork of
the FreeS/WAN codebase, available through http://www.openswan.org

Openswan 1.0.0 is based off the last beta of Super FreeS/WAN, and as such
includes features like X.509 Digital Certificate support, AES and other
ciphers, NAT Traversal, Dead Peer Detection (DPD), and adds XAUTH Server

The Short Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is it interoperable with FreeS/WAN & Super FreeS/WAN?

Openswan is 100% interoperable with FreeS/WAN, SuperFreeS/WAN, and dozens
of other vendor implementations of the IPsec standards.

2. Does it work on Linux Kernel 2.6?

The Openswan 1.x.x releases will runn on 2.0.x, 2.2.x and 2.4.x series
only.  Our 2.x.x tree is in active development, and support the 2.6

3. What's happening to the future of Super FreeS/WAN?

There will be no future development on Super FreeS/WAN - the lastest tree
was used to start Openswan 1.0.0 from.

4. Do my configs/scripts/tools need to be updated if I change to Openswan?

Configuration + management are no different that FreeS/WAN, so config
files do not need to be updated to upgrade to Openswan.

5. Where do I get support?

Available via IRC, Mailing lists, or commercially through Xelerance
Corporation.  See http://www.openswan.org/support/ for links.

6. What's changed (Since the last release of Super FreeS/WAN)?

Dead Peer Detection (DPD) fixes
X.509 v0.9.37 merge
64bit cleanups for the port to ia64 (Thanks to HP for hardware)
CryptoAPI for kernel 2.4.23 fixes (JuanJo)
XAUTH Server Support (Thanks to Astaro for sponsoring this work.  See
README.XAUTH for details.  Disabled in default build.)

Ken Bantoft			VP Business Development
ken at xelerance.com		Xelerance Corporation
sip://toronto.xelerance.com	http://www.xelerance.com

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        -- William Gibson

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