First quantum crypto bank transfer

Ian Grigg iang at
Mon Aug 23 14:57:28 EDT 2004

Matt Crawford wrote:

> Please don't blame the physicists for that.  It is still research, but 
> someone is selling tincture of quantum physics in their snake-oil 
> bottles.  Too bad that may poison the market for a really useful 
> development a few years from now, but it does help shake the money tree 
> for research.  And physics can use every dime it can get right now.

That logic amounts to "it's ok to sell a fraud that
will make people less secure if it shakes out some
money for my good works."  Which is fine, as it is
standard practice to pay off some scientist to sit
on the board and say what he's told.  As long as we
all understand that it's not science, and it's not

Still, it may be that the hype from selling expensive
boxes full of fibre snake oil will flow through to
more cheap boxes full of software crypto, which would
be a good thing.  So it's not clear that every QC box
sold will reduce security overall (through lost


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