First quantum crypto bank transfer

Matt Crawford crawdad at
Mon Aug 23 08:50:32 EDT 2004

>> | However, I still don't believe that quantum cryptography can buy you
>> | anything but research funding (and probably easier lawful intercept
>> | because end-to-end encryption is so much harder).
>> Not to attack you personally - I've heard the same comments from many 
>> other
>> people - but this is a remarkably parochial attitude.
>> Quantum crypto raises fundamental issues in physics.
> But we aren't physicists.


> It isn't research any more. There are companies trying to *sell this*.

Please don't blame the physicists for that.  It is still research, but 
someone is selling tincture of quantum physics in their snake-oil 
bottles.  Too bad that may poison the market for a really useful 
development a few years from now, but it does help shake the money tree 
for research.  And physics can use every dime it can get right now.

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