Are encryption algorithms

Amir Herzberg inbox at
Sun Nov 16 09:44:39 EST 2003

Enzo asked, 
> Are there one-way encryption algorithms guaranteed to be injective 
> (i.e., deterministically collision-free)? Or are there 
> theoretical reasons against their existence?
> I'm looking for algorithms where every piece of code and data 
> is public, thus excluding conventional enciphering with a secret key.

Sounds like you look for One Way Permutations... which of course exist
(if one-way functions do). But before we get into details, it'll be
useful if you specify your needs more precisely since imprecision is the
mother of weaknesses and break-ins. 

BTW I've updated my foils on encryption and hashing which cover much of
this topic (see in site if interested). 

Best, Amir Herzberg

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