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David Wagner daw at
Thu Nov 13 22:00:27 EST 2003

Enzo Michelangeli wrote:
> encryption algorithms guaranteed to be injective (i.e.,
>deterministically collision-free)?

Every encryption algorithm is injective, otherwise decryption
would be ambiguous.  In other words, if x and x' are two different
plaintexts, then E_k(x) != E_k(x').

>I'm looking for algorithms where every piece of code and data is public,
>thus excluding conventional enciphering with a secret key.

Ok, in that case, use a public-key encryption algorithm.  Same deal.

And, if you want to ensure that E_k(x) != E_k'(x') whenever
(k,x) != (k',x'), define E_k(x) = (k, EE_k(x)) where EE is some
public-key encryption algorithm; EE_k(x) denotes the result of encrypting
plaintext x under public key k.  It can't hurt security to include the
public key in the ciphertext.

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