Birger Toedtmann btoedtmann at
Sat Apr 26 06:44:16 EDT 2003


yesterday I attended a presentation about a software teaching people
crypto.  It's free, so I tested it a bit, and it's seemingly nice
and fit to help students understand what good crypto is and what's
not.  It was invented by a guy working at Deutsche Bank who was
horrified about the companies programmers coding new security schemes
into the banks software packages on the fly without knowing a bit
about crypto and underlying mathematics.  The software since then
has been shifted to a group at University of Darmstadt which is
developing it right now. 

The software is available for W32 only (*sigh*) but in English as
well as German:

At the presentation they said that next steps in development will be
new demonstrators ("how does TLS work") on the content side and on the
organisational side the port to Unix.  With that they hope they can 
get it Open Sourced.

The software is intended for educational purposes, so right now they
limited the key space for most algorithms to 20 bit.  Well, until
the source is released I guess....    ;-)



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