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                           CALL FOR PAPERS

               Washington, DC, USA - November 21, 2002
Sponsored by ACM SIGSAC - in association with 9th ACM CCS Conference



The increased power and interconnectivity of computer systems
available today provide the ability of storing and processing large
amounts of data, resulting in networked information accessible from
anywhere at any time. It is becoming easier to collect, exchange,
access, process, and link information.  This global scenario has
inevitably resulted in an increasing degree of awareness with
respect to privacy.  Privacy issues have been the subject of public
debates and the need for privacy-aware policies, regulations, and
techniques has been widely recognized. Goal of this workshop is to
discuss the problems of privacy in the global interconnected
societies and possible solutions to it.

The workshop seeks submissions from academia and industry presenting
novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of
electronic privacy, as well as experimental studies of fielded
systems.  We encourage submissions from other communities such as
law and business that present these communities' perspectives on
technological issues. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited to:

- anonymity, pseudonymity, and unlinkability
- business model with privacy requirements
- data protection from correlation and leakage attacks
- electronic communication privacy
- information dissemination control
- privacy-aware access control
- privacy in the digital business
- privacy enhancing technologies
- privacy policies and human rights
- privacy and anonymity in Web transactions
- privacy threats
- privacy and confidentiality management
- privacy in the electronic records
- privacy in health care and public administration
- public records and personal privacy
- privacy and virtual identity
- personally identifiable information
- privacy policy enforcement
- privacy and data mining
- relationships between privacy and security
- user profiling
- wireless privacy

PAPER SUBMISSIONS Submitted papers must not substantially overlap
papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted
to a journal or a conference with proceedings.  Papers should be at
most 15 pages excluding the bibliography and well-marked appendices
(using 11-point font and reasonable margins on letter-size paper),
and at most 20 pages total.  Committee members are not required to
read the appendices, and so the paper should be intelligible without
them.  Papers should have a cover page with the title, authors,
abstract and contact information.

To submit a paper, send to wpes at a plain ASCII text
email containing the title and abstract of your paper, the authors'
names, email and postal addresses, phone and fax numbers, and
identification of the contact author.  To the same message, attach
your submission (as a MIME attachment) in PDF or portable postscript
format.  Do NOT send files formatted for word processing packages
(e.g., Microsoft Word or WordPerfect files).

Papers must be received by the deadline of AUGUST 23, 2002.
Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the authors
no later than OCTOBER 13, 2002, and authors will have an opportunity
to revise for preproceedings version by NOVEMBER 8, 2002. Authors of
accepted papers must guarantee that their paper will be presented at
the workshop.

During the workshop preproceedings will be made available. Final
proceedings with be published, after the workshop, by ACM. Final
versions are not due until after the workshop, giving the authors
the opportunity to revise their papers based on discussions during
the meeting.

Pierangela Samarati
Dipartimento di Tecnologie dell'Informazione
Universita` di Milano

email: samarati at
phone: +39-02-503.30061
fax:   +39-02-503.30010

Sushil Jajodia
George Mason University, USA
email: jajodia at

Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati
University of Brescia, ITALY
email: decapita at

Lawrence H. Cox, NC for Health Statistics, USA
Lorrie Cranor, AT&T Labs-Research, USA
Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, U. Brescia, Italy
Roger Dingledine, The Free Haven Project, USA
Avi Rubin, AT&T Labs-Research, USA
Andrea Servida, CEC, Belgium
Peter Swire, George Washington Un., USA
Paul Syverson, Naval Research Lab, USA
Michael Waidner, IBM Zurich Research Lab, Switzerland
Chenxi Wang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Rigo Wenning, W3C, France
Marc Wilikens, Joint Research Center, Italy
Marianne Winslett, U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA
Rebecca Wright, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

This call for papers and additional information about the conference
can be found at

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