use of digital signatures and PKI

Don Davis dtd at
Thu May 31 23:07:14 EDT 2001

Gócza Zoltán wrote:
> I wonder if you could make any comments whether digital signatures are
> really NOT used worldwide as the paper states! Unfortunately I could not
> find any research or survey. Any reference would be greatly appreciated.

i have one potent, anecdotal data point:  a friend of
mine is a 3-letter executive at one of the older/bigger
PKI vendors.  he surprised me in a recent conversation,
by mentioning that essentially none of his company's
customers are using PKI for signatures.  actually, he
may have said, "_no-one_ is using PKI for signatures."
he says that practically all of the certs are being
used for negotiating symmetric session-keys.

				- don davis, boston


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