Stegdetect 0.4 released and results from USENET search available

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Fri Dec 28 23:02:45 EST 2001

On 28 Dec 2001, at 14:47, Bill Stewart wrote:
> Reader anonymity depends a lot on how many people actually
> read A.A.M, and on how many sites keep NNTP logs - it
> probably a lot fewer readers than the largest binary porn
> spam groups, but a lot also depends on how many small ISPs
> around the world still spool their own news rather than
> buying access from news services.  It's certainly harder to
> trace than senders.
> So tracing a single transmission may be hard, but tracing
> an ongoing pattern is easier

I download all of alt.anonymous.messages from the same news
server that large numbers of people post and download child
porn on.

My software always downloads all new messages in
alt.anonymous.messages irrespective of whether I am looking
for a particular message.  (Hey, I do not read anything in
alt.anonymous messages, I am just generating cover traffic
out of pure public spirit.)

Thus there is no ongoing pattern.

This system was first described a very long time ago in "true

         James A. Donald

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