Stegdetect 0.4 released and results from USENET search available

David Honig honig at
Fri Dec 28 17:02:08 EST 2001

At 02:40 PM 12/28/01 -0500, Trei, Peter wrote:
>There's a much simpler reason why few or no stego'ed messages are
>present in usenet images: They form an inefficient  and unneeded 
>distribution mechanism.

On the subject of stego, this showed up earlier this week: 

To: cypherpunks at
Subject: P2P Stego Treasure Hunt

We've put into Morpheus a song, 
which has a stego'd message in it.
The tool is mp3stego v 1.1.15 
(source available; see  
) and the (3DES) passphrase is "writecode"

Another file "DrDidg_RaveOn.mp3" has
another message under the same passphrase.

We are curious how readily the Morpheus search
engine can be used for transport purposes.  In
this instance we give unique names to files not
otherwise found in the system.  Another experiment
in P2P percolation would be to add similar 
'watermarks' (microdots) to files which are 
abundantly replicated.



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