[DailyRotten] FBI requests worm-built password log

Jay D. Dyson jdyson at treachery.net
Mon Dec 17 16:39:43 EST 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Will Rodger wrote:

> > > But the interplay with MagicLantern and PatriotAct issues is
> > > thought-provoking...
> >
> > Actually, this is nothing new.  The boys at the Bureau have a long
> > history of requesting data to which they have no genuine legal right
> > of access.  Their original requests -- with few exceptions -- bank on
> > ignorance of due process.
> Why is anyone surprised law enforcement would want this data? In order
> to investigate the crime in the first place, law enforcement needs to
> know what the crackers stole. 

	I guess you can consider me puzzled as to this claim.  The FBI
isn't interested in what was stolen.  The forensic analyses of the worm's
functions will tell you in a generic sense the answer to that question. 
What the boys at the Bureau want is the lump sum of victims' stolen

	To use an analogy[1], if a neighborhood burglar makes off with my
videocamera, all the LEAs and their LEOs need to know is the description
and serial number of the product so it can be identified as mine.  They
don't need to know the contents of the tape in the videocamera in order to
demonstrate that criminal action occurred in the taking of said camera. 


1.	Yes, I know...all analogies are flawed at some level.  So are we.

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