Russian Duma Adopts Law On Digital Signatures

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Hello Bob,

Sunday, December 16, 2001, 4:52:59 PM, you wrote:

RAH> At 12:29 PM +0300 on 12/16/01, Maksim Otstavnov wrote:

>> d>
>> d>
>> d> The Duma adopted on final reading on 13 December the bill legalizing the
>> d> use of electronic digital signatures and giving them the same status as
>> d> conventional signatures, "Kommersant-Daily" reported. However, the bill
>> d> recognizes the validation of digital signature only after an original
>> d> document has first been signed with a conventional signature.
>> Absolute bull@#$t. Radio Freedom folks just didn't bother to read the
>> bill, much lesser to understand.

RAH> Cool. Explain?

In fact the only piece of paper required by the bill is initial
certificate request. Much like any other national digisig law.

It does not mean the bill is "good"; in fact, it is "bad" from many
aspects. Its preparation and lobbying was a real mess, four years long
with undercarpet struggle. Its language is unclear, many definitions
are elusive and many articles in fact endorse ambiguous
interpretation. Unfortunately I have not several hours needed to
translate the text and comments :(

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-- Infobusiness weekly,
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