FreeSWAN Release 1.93 ships!

Anonymous nobody at
Mon Dec 10 22:54:06 EST 2001

On Sunday 09 December 2001 07:32 pm, Lucky Green <shamrock at> wrote:
> The big question is: will FreeS/WAN latest release after some 4 or 5 
> years of development finally both compile and install cleanly on 
> current versions of Red Hat Linux, FreeS/WAN's purported target 
> platform?

The latest releases of both Suse and Mandrake are both able to install kernels with Freeswan already integrated.  It's a little newer addition to Mandrake, so you may want to use Suse.  Suse makes it easy to set up encrypted file systems and other nice features.

The major problem that holds back the development of FreeS/WAN is with its management.  [Management that cares more about sitting on its pulpit, than getting useful software into the hands of people.] Unless things have changed recently, they still won't accept contributions from the US.  This makes no sense.  GPG is shipping with every Linux distribution I know of, and the German's take contributions from the US.

The primary kernel developers have been willing to integrate crypto into the kernel since the crypto regs were lowered.  It's the policy of no US contributions that's holding back Linux IPSEC.

IMHO:  If Freeswan had never been created, an alternate, more mature implementation would already exist in the mainline Linux kernel.


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