Crypto Informants

John Young jya at
Mon Dec 10 12:49:24 EST 2001

According to the New York Times today the US Customs 
Service will be asking businesses to report "suspicious" 
customer requests for a range of threatening technologies, 
including "encryption devices," for shipping abroad.

For publication we'd like to hear of examples of Customs 
(or governments') contact about informing on crypto customers 
or about reporting downloads of free crypto if the request 
covers that as well: how the contact was made, the terms 
of the request, whether the reports are to be confidential, and 
any other useful information on broadening crypto controls.

Cryptome offers most of versions of free PGP from 2.62
through 7.03 as well as a directory for getting numerous
crypto programs around the globe:

No record is kept of downloads.

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