[Cryptography] A new dWeb network that is REAL peer-to-peer, based on WebAssembly

Ryan Kung ryankungs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 09:59:18 EDT 2022

Hi, We are working on a new dWeb network that’s REAL peer-to-peer, based on
WebAssembly,  no client needed.

The repo is available at:

And paper:


The main properties:

1. Users only need to open a webpage or web-extension to get access.

2. The transport protocol is based on WebRTC

3. The network is implemented based on Chord DHT.
The DHT ID space is 2^160, and is generated based on `Hash(ECDSA/edDSA

4. Messages are encrypted with ElGamal algorithm, that means we can play
some homomorphic trick over it.
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