[Cryptography] ADMIN: Rules for posting to the Cryptography List

Tamzen Cannoy tamzen at cannoy.org
Thu Nov 10 14:11:51 EST 2022

There are a lot of new people subcribed to the mailing list, so here
is a reminder and refresher of the rules of engagement.

"On topic" discussion includes technical aspects of cryptosystems, 
social repercussions of cryptosystems, and the politics of cryptography 
such as export controls or laws restricting cryptography. We will end 
discussion when not much new is being said. Be polite in disagreement, etc. 
Not all discussions are valid on this list and there are other lists like 
Cypherpunks and Randombit where they may work better.

In the course of a heated technical discussion where people have
strongly held views, it is often tempting to get personal about
things. However, this rarely improves the quality of a discussion.

If you're having a technical discussion, and you mention the other party 
at all or address them directly at al, other than to acknowledge them or 
ask for clarification, something may be quite wrong. There are rare times
when this rule fails, but usually, it is a good tip-off.

Discussions unrelated to cryptography are considered off topic. 

Here's the periodic reminder from Perry of the rules of the mailing list.  


We've got a very large number of participants on this list. 
To make the experience pleasant for everyone please:

1) Cut down the original you're quoting to only the relevant portions
to minimize the amount of reading the 1600 people who will
be seeing your post will have to do.

2) DO NOT TOP POST. I've explained why repeatedly. Yes we know a lot 
of mail systems do this now. We don’t care. Don’t top post.

3) Try to make sure what you are saying is interesting enough and
on topic. Minor asides etc. are not.

The list is moderated for a reason, and if you top post a one liner
followed by a 75 line intact original, be prepared to see a rejection

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