[Cryptography] Signal planning no support for plaintext SMS

John Denker jsd at av8n.com
Thu Nov 3 15:07:27 EDT 2022

On 11/1/22 5:45 PM, John Gilmore wrote in part:

> I decided that a Signal Foundation that insisted on grabbing and
> keeping a copy of every user's contact metadata was not a trustworthy
> Signal Foundation.

So ... does anybody have suggestions for how to proceed?

There are more than 100 alternatives listed here:

Some comparison charts are here:

Some of the apps are open-source.
Has there been any serious vetting?

Because of network effects (Metcalfe's law, roughly speaking)
I am attracted to apps that already have a large user base,
but the largest ones have, ahem, not-so-great provenance and
not-so-great track records.

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