[Cryptography] Signal planning to drop support for plaintext SMS

Michael Kjörling 9bf3a7ef93bb at ewoof.net
Tue Nov 1 04:30:53 EDT 2022

On 31 Oct 2022 11:44 -0500, from me at cys.me (Rick Smith):
> I’ve seen at least one browser warning saying “Web site is not
> encrypted. Visit anyway?” or something like that. I love it.

Firefox does that if you turn on its HTTPS-Only mode (which is
currently tucked away quite well in its Privacy & Security settings
and I think is off by default, but at least it's exposed through the
ordinary UI). I doubt it's the only browser that has such a feature by

And of course, there's always HSTS, including HSTS preloading.

Neither of which, naturally, applies in any way to unencrypted SMS.

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