[Cryptography] Homomorphic and Structured Encryption

Brandon Goodell brandon.g.goodell at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 13:05:33 EST 2022

> I was asked if anyone has performed/built commercially viable
> implementations/products using homomorphic encryption and/or structured
> encryption.

There are at least two applications I know of that are commercially viable.
First, the Lynx system for real-time reporting of electric vehicle
information, and similar systems for anonymous vehicle authentication. I am
honestly not totally sure about how viable these are in the wild. The
second is in cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency Monero makes extensive
use of Pedersen commitments (which are homomorphic), to hide transaction
amounts while allowing the user to prove that the sum of the transaction
input amounts and sum of the transaction output amounts (fees included)
equals zero. They have used Pedersen commitments since at least 2017, and
the market cap indicates that the approach is commercially viable.
Homomorphic cryptography is also often used to create smart contracting
systems in Ethereum and other so-called 'smart' currencies, and may (or may
not!) satisfy your definition of "structured cryptography."


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