[Cryptography] Craig Wright

Matt Corallo metzdowd at bluematt.me
Wed Feb 2 17:35:03 EST 2022

On 2/2/22 16:52, Mark Seiden wrote:
>> On Feb 2, 2022, at 1:34 PM, Matt Corallo <metzdowd at bluematt.me> wrote:
>> Normally, when one party sues another they include a litany of accusations, only expecting to win on one or another, and if they win on only one or another and are awarded *$100 million* in damages from a private party, that is reported as a massive loss for the defendant.
> i can’t imagine that he could pay even a small portion of such a damage award without cashing in some of his bitcoin.  so i guess
> we should know something in due time.

Heh, in theory, though Craig is backed by a prominent (ex-DHS-most-wanted-list) billionaire Clavin 
Ayre, so in theory they could drudge up $100 million, assuming they wanted to.

>> Here that exact outcome is being reported as a "win" for the defendant, seemingly in large part just because the defendant is claiming it as a win (despite the accusers also, seemingly rightfully, claiming it as a win).
> well, if you had a billion dollars only being forced to giving away 10% of it could be viewed as a win.

Heh, I suppose, though its not usually reported as such, nor treated as such in common parlance.

On 2/2/22 16:57, John Levine wrote:
 > In related news, Jack Dorsey is funding a legal defense fund in an
 > even stranger case in the UK where Wright is suing people to force
 > them to help him recover keys he allegedly lost in a computer hack in
 > 2020:

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am one of said people. And its not (really) about helping him 
"recover" keys, but actually forking the bitcoin network to give him funds he claims he lost?!

Ironically, of the few addresses which he has publicly claimed as his own (or formerly his own, with 
the keys now lost), the most preeminent/valuable is the infamous 1Feex address, which is best known 
for some detailed analysis showing it to be the recipient of a large volume of funds stolen from 
Mtgox. So, yea, he's asking for the court to force a fork of the Bitcoin network (how?) in order to 
give him much of the stolen Mtgox funds, which he claims as his own.


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