[Cryptography] Cryptographic Dilemna

Tushar Patel tjpatel.tl at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 00:58:29 EDT 2022

Hi Members,

I have been working on the a small project called ATNA-AES cipher-mode and
have hit a small roadblock where I have failed to get an additional
reviewer primarily towards hardware complexity and possible optimizations
based on the mathematical constructs. Would there be any suggestions or
anyone who would be able to help me? Self-funded, however willing to pay
nominal fees.

The solution is quite sound, innovative and is designed for meeting
1,000,000 to 4,000,000 pkts/sec and is an advanced form of authenticated
encryption, CAE in short. The implementation meets all the recommended
requirements on the NIST website and addresses the issues in Neil Fergusons
original GCM review, however, would prefer to evaluate the specifics prior
to additional financial commitments.

Contact: atnacipher.com
Email: tpatel at atnacipher.com or tjpatel.tl at gmail.com

I am a very small entity trained by good mentors, however, no grandeur
apart from a good FIPS-CC career run and would appreciate help from the
area experts.

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