[Cryptography] What ever happened to end-to-end email encryption?

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Wed Sep 15 16:37:41 EDT 2021

On Thursday, August 26th, 2021 at 8:57 AM, Phillip Hallam-Baker <phill at hallambaker.com> wrote:
> The EU is now well on the way to becoming a United States of Europe and
> it is a matter of when, not if the UK is re-integrated.

This is progressive triumphalism. The story was that leaving the EU would
be economic disaster for the UK - a prophecy that has spectacularly failed
to come true.

Given the failure of that prophecy, the success of your prophecy is

> But when it comes to soft power, the US has absolutely unmatched powers.
> It is a hyper-power. The Soviet Union was brought down by rock and roll,
> blue jeans and western TV.

Nazi propaganda was the best propaganda. Soviet propaganda was inferior
to yesterday's western propaganda, but far superior to today's progressive

Observe the destruction of the Star Wars Franchise.

Notice the light touch and gentle humor in Soviet propaganda. Yesterday's
progressives could do funny. Today's progressives cannot.

> The Taliban just beat the US military after a 20 year war. We were
> never going to win by stopping jihadis discussing the best way to oil
> an AK47.
> Now we are on to the soft power conflict: It isn't the US military the
> Taliban leaders fear, it is Starlink broadcasting TikTok videos teaching
> their teenage daughters about makeup.

I have been seeing some great memes by the Taliban on uncensored social
media. You probably have not been seeing them, but that is due to

I have watched videos of us telling the Afghans about women's liberation, sex,
and modern art, and read memes issued by the Taliban (which you probably
have not seen). Our stuff was clunky, arrogant, ridiculous, condescending,
and out of touch. Their stuff was great. It was funny, entertaining, and
really hit a nerve.

I have watched our propaganda to Afghans, and have read Taliban propaganda
sent to us. It is like night and day. Theirs is just so much better.
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