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End of civilization as we know it?

I disagree. A correction? A reset? Yes. Issues. Yes. But teotwawki? No

Rollback to known good, implement PQC algorithms, keep on trucking.

Again, issues? Massive in places? Yes. Emphatically yes.

Worldwide fecal/blade impact events? Dont believe so.

I understand why you say, that that event will cause issues.  However. I
disagree repspectfully

As well, no their paranoia is not justified. In a few years? Say 3-5? Sure.
Reevaluate. But right now, there are far more pressing issues and crises.

Cryptocurrency scams
Social media companies eating their lunch with PSD2. (See regulation, above)
Extra jurisdictional regulation - standards that apply to you even if you
don’t do business in their area!
Increasing amounts of breach notification regs
Incredible growth in cost of cyber insurance to the point that most
financial institutions now or will soon have to spread coverage across
multiple underwriters.  (Anecdotally, 30-3000% cost increases in the past

So while we agree it’s an issue. Timeline? Strong disagreement on. Priority
till that timeline is closer? Very low

Hope that makes sense

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