[Cryptography] "push within the entire IT industry to, make everything "Web-centric"

Kent Borg kentborg at borg.org
Wed Oct 20 20:11:03 EDT 2021

On 10/7/21 11:11 AM, David Conrad wrote:
> Software/firmware updates? 

Nothing about a garage door opener should need a firmware update…

> Integration with other devices/services, 

…unless one does something like connect it to the internets.

> e.g., remote operation?

I have known a few garage door openers in my day, and /all/ had remote 
operation. At least in the sense of being in ones car and having the 
ability to open and close the door.

Want more "remote" in the sense of "Anyone on the internet can operate 
the door providing they…are authorized, and stuff like that."…oh, that 
opens up /many/ cans of worms.

Cans that might be wisely kept sealed shut.  Except for the "push within 
the entire IT industry to, make everything "Web-centric".

-kb, the Kent who is late to the thread.

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