[Cryptography] "push within the entire IT industry to, make everything "Web-centric"

Robert Wilson wilson at math.wisc.edu
Wed Oct 6 16:35:37 EDT 2021

> Well it has to connect to the Internet somehow.  I doubt, even for $900, that they are including a cell connection; so presumably it has to connect to your WiFi.  If you haven't connected it you're probably safe - though there have been too-smart devices that look for any open WiFi nearby and hop on
But isn't that the problem, right there? Why does my garage door opener 
have to connect to the Internet at all? I don't see any functional gain 
that I would use or enjoy, and I do see risks that it almost inevitably 
entails. ("Almost" pretty much means "for sure" at this point in the 
development of the Internet/web.)

For there to be a marketing advantage to a garage door opener connecting 
to the internet somehow, it seems to me that the choice between one that 
does and one that does not has to be visible to the prospective 
purchaser. Adding it as just something this manufacturer's opener has 
doesn't pull me toward buying that model/brand without that. I was never 
offered such a choice, and was not even told in advance that my new 
opener would have that feature so that I could say "wait, what does that 
add to the cost".

Bob W.

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