[Cryptography] QM giveth, QM taketh away

Richard Outerbridge outer at interlog.com
Sat Feb 13 18:52:05 EST 2021

> On 2021-02-13 (44), at 07:16:57, jrzx via cryptography <cryptography at metzdowd.com> wrote:
>> As for all the hand-wringing, I am reminded of this:
>> "We can factor the number 15 with quantum computers. We can also
>> factor the number 15 with a dog trained to bark three times."
>> --- Robert Harley, 5/12/2001, Sci.crypt.
>> Twenty years later, the snake oil comes in larger bottles:
> What number can we factor today?
> The next number with two unequal factors is twenty one.  Has twenty one been factored yet by Shor's algorithm?

You thinking 3 x 7?  How's about 1 x 23?

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