[Cryptography] Does Bitcoin have unaddressed design flaws?

jrzx jrzx at protonmail.ch
Wed Feb 10 04:58:01 EST 2021

> > The existing financial system relies excessively on trust,
> > and our elite is increasingly untrustworthy and unable
> > and unwilling to trust each other.  You just cannot
> > operate a trust based system with the people we have.

> Whatever other people have we ever had?

There is nothing before the twenty first century in the English speaking world that compares to all the stuff that has been going down, for example the Great Mortgage Meltdown.

There were always scammers and crooked politicians, but they went to jail or prison.  There has been clear and massive drop in the elites willingness and ability to follow process, though I expect if I were to list the numerous and spectacular examples, the moderators would not allow it through.  You can get in big trouble for noticing.

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