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> Hi,
> How should new graduates start research on crypto protocols?
> RFC documents are very boring for new graduates or senior students.
> Let's firstly aim to understand Signal protocol. There is a 10 page nice
> paper published by WhatsApp. Very good for beginners.
> Next, lets aim to understand TLS. What is the easiest source? What is the
> most pedagogical document?
> The more general question is what is the learning pathway for new
> graduates to study on crypto protocols and their cryptanalysis.

 I would recommend Ross Anderson's book, *Security Engineering*. He has
some excellent material on cryptographic authentication (snf other)
protocols. The complete 2nd edition of his most excellent book is available
online as well as select chapters of his 3rd edition, but IMO it is really
worth buying.

Chapter 4 is the chapter on Protocols (3rd edition not online).

Google for
ross anderson security engineering pdf 2nd edition

and it should pop up. His official site of https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/
only seems to be carrying the 3rd edition, of which Chapter 4 is missing.


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