[Cryptography] Dual cycle computation and heating.

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Wed Dec 8 02:06:48 EST 2021

Den tis 7 dec. 2021 01:15Phillip Hallam-Baker <phill at hallambaker.com> skrev:

> I despise proof of work.
> But...
> The notion of distributed compute farms doing work is not completely
> bogus. Not if we can actually make use of the heat. And this creates an
> interesting challenge for something that looks like homomorphic encryption
> but probably ends up being more of a DRM/data obfuscation challenge.
> Consider the case in which CPUs become cheap as in RaPi level prices for
> an all-in-one compute node that has only three sets of connections:
> * Power (3V @ 30 amps.)
> * Network (2x 10G Ethernet)
> * Water (integrated PEX connectors)
> These CPUs would be sold in the plumbing aisle and come with PEX
> connections. As far as the homeowner is concerned, they function just like
> an electric water heater: Plug them into a standard socket and let them go.
> [...]

I remembered having seen it idea before, but turns out it's a bit older
than I thought. It's probably much older still;


And a company that does it; https://www.leaf.cloud/truly_green

Still wondering about the security concerns of it, and what of tasks would
be most suitable for it.
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