[Cryptography] Most transactions on crypto exchanges are bogus

Phillip Hallam-Baker phill at hallambaker.com
Sun Dec 5 11:44:32 EST 2021

I am so over these cryptobros with their criminal currencies, Ponzi schemes
and Web3 branding.

So I am announcing Web4 which is Web3 minus all the fraud and grift, minus
the crypto-bro bullies and the coinsplainers telling everyone that only 'a
stupid person' would think Tether is a naked Ponzi scheme.

I only had half an hour to write a browser but it does run and it does
subtract all the Web3 features that are stupid or criminal or both:

hallambaker/PhillsHypotheticalBrowser: An experimental browser for testing
proposed security and usability extensions. (github.com)

Seriously folk, it is a real browser and I intend to use it as a testbed
for a lot of the security and other features that I think should be in the
Web but the current gatekeepers oppose.

The whole notion of 'Decentralized Web' coming from a change in technology
is fundamentally bogus. Web/1.0 was decentralized, the technology has
always been decentralized. The problem we see today is that the network
effect is so powerful that it has a tendency to centralize itself again.
First around Netscape, then around Microsoft, then Google and today it is

The people behind 'Web3' are a corrupt cartel of crypto-whales who make
their money selling a fraudulent Ponzi scheme. They don't want to
decentralize the Web, they are a mafia cartel wanting to install themselves
as the new monarchs in place of King Zuck.

To really decentralize the Web, we have to understand where the current
control points are. Today those are the DNS, the browser and (in the
Western world) Facebook.

Decentralization is not a technical fix. You don't get decentralization by
throwing blockchain at a problem. China's 'New Internet' uses Blockchain
DNS to give Xi a master censorship control.

I will be adding Mesh technologies to PHB of course but I also want to add
in capabilities like DNSSEC and other DNS security schemes. My view on the
best way forward might not be the same as yours but 80% of the difficulty
in implementing any extension in the browser is to understand where the
extension point is that we need to override.
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