[Cryptography] The War on Encryption continues...

Alfie John alfie at alfie.wtf
Tue Jun 23 23:33:25 EDT 2020

For those in America, they may want to have a look at the


Highlights include (emphasis mine):

   Once a warrant is obtained, the bill would *require* device
   manufacturers and service providers to assist law enforcement
   with accessing encrypted data if assistance would aid in the
   execution of the warrant.

This seems be following the same steps Australia took to legalising
the commandeering of companies. Feels like they finally found a way
to side-step any First Amendment argument of banning the use of


   Directs the Attorney General to create a prize competition to
   award participants who create a lawful access solution in an
   encrypted environment, while maximizing privacy and security.

... seems easier to solve one of the Millennium Prize Problems tbh.


Alfie John

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