[Cryptography] Am I missing something about CBDC ?

Osman Kuzucu bizbucaliyiz at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 18 14:59:37 EST 2020

> John Levine <johnl at iecc.com> şunları yazdı (18 Ara 2020 00:41):

> I believe SEPA already has this. The US Fed is working on Fednow,
> which is supposed to do realtime payments among US bank customers by
> 2023 or so, with a limit of about $20K.
> But please look at the paper, which is not very long. I think that
> CBDC are supposed to be central bank issued bearer tokens analogous to
> paper money, but there's a great deal of confusion about what that
> means and what it implies.

Turkish Banks already have a system that transfers money (with almost no limit) between accounts from same bank. Also you could transfer up to $150-200K worth money in national currency to any other national bank with little to none fee during business hours. Now they have upgraded the infrastructure and allows instant transfers between accounts from different banks 24/7.

While that technology exists and already field tested, I doubt that the central banks would want to have a CBDC to provide that functionality.

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