[Cryptography] PyWallet and possible failure in other cryptocurrencies (Kick Ass Bitch)

Marc gotmarc at protonmail.com
Tue Apr 7 17:06:40 EDT 2020

Bitcoin seeds only work with specific derivation paths which are different for each type of bitcoin wallet.

For example, the Cold Card MK1 dev path is:


The trezor model T is:


These are both bitcoin wallets, but they each have a different derivation path.

If you wanted Ethereum or something, you need to change the a number to 60(on the trezor model T. Cold Card is bitcoin only).

You still need to guess the seed.

To add more complexity, many hardware wallets allow users to add a passphrase which makes it even more difficult to break.

Anyway, all of this seems highly improbable, but I guess nothing is impossible. I don't know how every cryptocurrency works and I can't pretend that I don't have a lot more to learn about Bitcoin, but I find it completely fascinating.

Are you saying you correctly guessed a seed (Kick Ass Bitch)?

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