[Cryptography] "How Long Will Unbreakable Commercial Encryption Last?"

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sat Sep 21 22:51:28 EDT 2019

In article <2CCE423E-F119-4FBA-9396-AD0C323FED3B at lrw.com> you write:
>The article is by Stewart Baker, who's been involved in this debate for a very long time.

It's certainly worth reading but I wouldn't take it at face value.
Baker was a big fan of the Clipper chip (see
https://www.wired.com/1994/06/nsa-clipper/) and I don't get the
impression that his positions have changed much in the subsequent 25

Look at the last few paragraphs of the piece, where he tries to
position end-to-end encryption against content moderation, e.g.,
"There is a fundamental conflict between providing absolute privacy
and preventing the distribution of unapproved content. If running
content moderation on the user’s device isn’t on Silicon Valley's road
map, how is the industry planning to square this circle?"  

Unapproved content?  Moderation?  Where I come from, moderation is
about published or at least semi-public material. It sure sounds like
he wants to put censor-bots into everyone's private conversations.


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