[Cryptography] Russia carried out a 'stunning' breach of FBI communications

John Denker jsd at av8n.com
Mon Sep 16 13:54:30 EDT 2019

> Even after they understood that the Russians had compromised the FBI
> teams’ radios, U.S. counterintelligence officials could not agree on
> how they had done it. “The intel reporting was they did break our
> codes or got their hands on a radio and figured it out,” said a
> former senior intelligence official. “Either way, they decrypted our
> comms.”


Note that code-making (not just code-breaking) is part of the
NSA mission statement ... but apparently is sorely neglected
in practice.

They seem to systematically forget Rowlett's dictum:
  "In the long run it was more important to secure one's own
   communications than to exploit those of the enemy."

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