[Cryptography] TRNGs as open source design semiconductors

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> I watch discussions on this list to learn more about cryptography and I
> find it very valuable. However, I am not a cryptographer myself. There was
> recent thread on TRNGs and I'd like to expound it into a slightly different
> tangent, if I may.

> It seems to me (at least in the cryptocurrency world) .... Or, am I
> completely wrong in this belief, and the hardware designs are best left as
> proprietary?
> Thanks you for your thoughts on this.
> There are two parts to this.. one is the elusive TRNG (true random) and
the equally important unguessable RN ( random number).

For most individual needs unguessable is sufficient.  Raw images of
aquarium bubbles and fish, lava lamps, a tree of leaves outside is quite
unguessable by the world and thus very useful for an individual.  A chip
design replicated in the millions nearly billions each can from shear
numbers  can have its flaws exposed as can operating system software that
depends on that hardware.

Casinos and lotteries need TRNG that are also unguessable. Flaws on the
draw or quick-pick generator could be costly.

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