[Cryptography] Very best practice for RSA key generation

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn4242 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 22:20:50 EDT 2019

On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 04:23:31PM -0400, Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote:
> A question has come up for generating key pairs from a specified random
> seed. I am just looking to add this to UDF and would like advice as to what
> the very best practices are for RSA keygen.
> To generate keys, HMAC-KDF is used > 
> p0 = KDF ("ZAAA-UJUY-H7TF-SFLK-CWAW-TKC4-O5HQ".FromBase32(), "P")
> q0 = KDF ("ZAAA-UJUY-H7TF-SFLK-CWAW-TKC4-O5HQ".FromBase32(), "Q")
> p = next_prime (p0)
> q = next_prime (q0)
> So that is the RSA part.

This produces a very non-uniform choice of primes (p,q): a prime which
immediately follows a long sequence of non-primes will be chosen much
more often than a similarly-sized prime which has another prime just
slightly smaller than it.

That is, for any prime k, let gap(k) = k - (the largest prime < k).
Then the quoted algorithm will choose k with probability roughly
proportional to gap(k).

For example, using small numbers for convenience, a few consecutive
primes slightly bigger than a million are


Therefore any p0 in the range 1004797 <= p0 < 1004873 would yield p=1004873,
while any p0 in the range 1004873 <= p0 < 1004903 would yield p=1004903.
Since there are 106 numbers in the first range, but only 8 numbers in
the second range, p=1004873 is roughly 13 times more likely to be
chosen than p=1004903.  The same argument obviously applies to q0.

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