[Cryptography] Etica Released

Kevin Wadjibadé kevinwadjibade at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 05:20:12 EDT 2019

Announcing the release of Etica, a neutral protocol for medical research.
It's completely operational, decentralized and open source.

The smart contract has been deployed this morning (16/10/2019).

Repository link:

Smart Contract address:

For now you can interact with the protocol with command line. I am in the
process of ending a first explorer so that users can interact with it
without command line.
You can get coins by getting someone to send you some, by mining or earn
them as protocol reward.

Total circulation will reach 21,000,000 coins in about 10 years. Then it
will be a constant yearly inflation of  2.6180339887498948482045868343656%
as protocol reward.

The system supports all features discussed in the previously sent


Best regards,

Kevin Wad
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