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Dear crypto enthusiasts,

I've been working in a new anonymous cryto-platform for the last (almost 3) years.
I'd like to share it with this mailing list, the one used to bring bitcoin to the world 11 years ago.

Anyone would be interested in testing a new 'bitcoin' I wrote from scratch?

The features are:
*language is C++. Efficient, nodes are currently run using raspberry PI.
*Consensus is BFT-with signed messages. Adaptative cycle period (currently fixed to 1 minute)
*2 daemons: gov (public system) and wallet with P2P trading capabilities (private system)
*Accounts can store arbitrary data and multiple coins.
*console RPC clients for gov and daemon
*Multi coin, any participant can create their own coin, defining supply.
*collaborative (rather than competitive). Nodes receive Gas every minute
*atomic multicoin transactions with inputs and outputs
*EC is secp256k1
*No mining. All participants receive pay every consensus cycle.
*The legitimate blockchain is agreed by consensus on each cycle by determining the legitimate last block hash (instead of defining it like bitcoin does, i.e. the chain that accumulates the biggest PoW)
*SDK for building apps in various languages . currently C++, Java and C#
*Android app
I'd be glad to respond to questions or to invite to run a node in my current alpha network (I've been running it with ~50 nodes for more than 1 year) and is working fine.
here is the url of one of the nodes:

I haven't produced much documentation, but I'd be willing to try to answer any question or give more information.

Thank you.
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