[Cryptography] A new decentralized distributed ledger

Thomas SCHUERMANN thomas.d.schuermann at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 03:29:31 EST 2019

Dear All,

My team and I are working on a new distributed ledger made of a mainchain
and multiple sidechain.

Whitepaper abstract:

A fast decentralized distributed ledger would be highly resilient while
allowing the distributed consensus to support very fast transactions and
new applications. Whereas, many projects either choose proof-of-work or
proof-of-stack for consensus and thus display either slow processing or
centralization, we propose a mechanism in which both techniques work
together in order to find a trade off between decentralization and
scalability. Initially, the native cryptocurrency is created in the
mainchain through a very secure decentralized (but also slow and
restricted) proof-of-work mining and then can be stacked to initiate or
participate in a sidechain with very fast proof-of-stack mining. Sidechain
miners collect sidechain transactions fees of the block they produce and
need to behave honestly in order to be able to transfer the fees they
collect and have a good return from the amount they have stacked. Mainchain
miners collect mainchain transactions fees and mining reward while
overseeing sidechains.

You can find the whitepaper at: https://github.com/globatio/

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