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Sat May 11 08:43:29 EDT 2019

Nowadays cryptography is used anywhere. We always read that our data are protected, encrypted etc. In general, yes, it’s a good thing, but are our thoughts protected as like as our data?

“We are what we think we are” – Socrates

As I’ve seen during past years, especially on young people, that often we are no longer authors of our thoughts because influenced and manipulated by celebrities of the web. An article, a Post has the power to change our opinion, of the world and of our self (let’s have a look to the recent scandals, evil eye on FB).

During the last year I’ve started to imagine a platform where people could express their opinions freely. Without worries about censorship, without worries about fakeness. If I’ve a thought and I truly feel that it’s good, I want to share it to the world, even if it’s unpopular, even it’s against someone has much more power than me (have a look to the modern dictatorships).

Cryptography has done a lot to fix this situation, but actually isn’t enough. So, I’ve thought: if I make a decentralized platform blockchain based in order to let people express their opinion freely? Bitcoin had done exactly this, using cryptography to free people from a centralized management of the money. Why I cannot use cryptography to free people from a centralized organization of the news, opinions and thoughts?

I’m trying… I don’t know if my vision is right, I don’t know if someone will believe in the same thing I believe, but I try, and I want to share my thoughts to anyone could be interested to improve my tiny idea of how beautiful and free could be the decentralized web

This is my first attempt: https://flatoken.net thanks for the time you have dedicated to me

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world” – Buddha
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