[Cryptography] NIST announced Round 1 candidates for lightweight crypto competition

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Wed May 8 13:31:56 EDT 2019

In article <F9EC4924-CCF3-4C5D-853A-33ABF851E5C1 at kinostudios.com> you write:

>The link I sent is to an organization of several thousand accredited architects and engineers, including among them graduated from all of America’s top
>universities. Calling them “conspiracy theorists” is sophomoric and is also an ad hominem attack.

We can take it as an axiom that adherents of any conspiracy theory
will insist that it's not a conspiracy theory, it's an important
suppressed truth.

I also don't think that the number of adherents tells us anything
about how credible it is.  I'm pretty sure there are way more than
3000 people who believe there's a child abuse ring headquartered
in the basement of a DC pizza place that doesn't have a basement,
or that the moon landings really happened in Arizona.

What does this have to do with crypto again?  I think it's unlikely
that anyone's likely to change their opinion of NIST anytime soon.


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