[Cryptography] OS and encryption for quantum computing machines

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> Den fre 3 maj 2019 03:42Tom Mitchell <mitch at niftyegg.com> skrev:
>> There a number of security assumptions in *nix and WindowZ
>> operating systems with regard to passwords, encryption and more.  Do these
>> assumptions fail on a Quantum computer (that we have yet to see)?
> (First of all, disclaimer: I'm not an expert on this. The information
> below is a summary of what I've read about quantum computers so for.)
> The typical quantum computer won't run an OS in the quantum components.
> They'll just repeat the same algorithm over and over.
> Every construction proposed so far uses classical computers, qubit
> hardware (superconductors, suspended electrons, etc), something that link
> together the qubits, and control hardware. From an algorithmic perspective,
> the quantum setup is treated as a blackbox function.

> Quantum key recovery on AEZ: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/767.pdf
Thank you.
It seems that the early hardware will be connected to cloud hardware.
That does make the cloud host a target, from inside or outside.

Black boxes ;-)

So it seems prudent to tighten up cloud OS systems and policy yesterday
knowing how long it takes to retire a cryptographic method and how quickly
hardware can be connected to a cloud system.
Key management will be interesting.

Thank you


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