[Cryptography] Our leader opines on cryptocurrencies

jamesd at echeque.com jamesd at echeque.com
Tue Jul 30 20:45:23 EDT 2019

On 2019-07-29 11:06 pm, Howard Chu wrote:
> At best, you're doing poorly what coins like Monero already do automatically.

You are thinking in terms of a world where everyone uses fiat currencies 
connected to bank accounts and credit cards, all of which get reported 
to the government, and you want Monaro to allow you to buy crypto coins 
in Coinbase for fiat money, spend these crypto coins, and then the man 
receiving these cryto coins turns them back into fiat money, and Monaro 
prevents a connection between the coinbase account converting fiat money 
into crypto coins, and the coinbase account turning crypto coins back 
into fiat money.

I am thinking of a world without government sponsored fiat.

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