[Cryptography] The CryptoWars restart.

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Forbes confirms yesterday's story in Politico:




It is clearly too soon to panic. But I must admit that I have been expecting this to happen and planning for it.


Signal, WhatsApp etc. are all fine but they are all designed as secure networks with a single service provider. Sure, other folk can use their code but you can't contact anyone on a different service, you can't run your own service.


Any single point of failure is a potential point of coercion.


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Hello everyone,


We published last year at CCS 2018 our work on a protocol that could avoid or at least make much more difficult capturing communications by governments, i.e. trying to remove the potential points of coercion, as mentioned in the previous e-mail.


I think the work has gone pretty much unnoticed until now, so if you have any comments and/or you find it useful please let us know:






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